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Designer, book artist, printmaker, illustrator, lettering artist, & community advocate. In love with matte-finish packaging. Traveler of trips, follower of ambitions. Born in California, raised on the coast of Mississippi, refined in Tennessee, & currently thriving in Brooklyn.

I volunteer every month for Creative Mornings, a breakfast lecture series and global creative community.

A few of my book works appear in the collections of Yale University, University of Denver, and University of Florida. As well as works available for viewing at Abecedarian Gallery in Denver, Colorado.

When not working I enjoy cooking with no guide, making and creating, straining my neck at loud shows, traveling near and far, and finding new places to spend my day.

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You can find me anywhere or at josh @ joshuaorr.co.


Joshua Orr is a book artist, printmaker, papermaker, sometimes designer and accidental illustrator.

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