Do I dive in head-first?

Apr 14, 2016. | By: Joshua Orr

It’s getting to that time of the year again…the time when hundreds of people follow along with Elle Luna to create every day, for 100 days.

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Heading into 2016

Jan 5, 2016. | By: Joshua Orr

2016 can and will be an all-star year. 2015 wasn’t a terrible year; I learned a lot, met lots of great people, and explored connections, but it wasn’t everything I had hoped for it to be. But 2016, is just in its beginning days, and I can feel it in my bones that it is going to be great. </br></br> do something

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Kids will Take a Chance

Jul 12, 2015. | By: Joshua Orr

TED ©2008 Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?

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100 Day Project

Apr 6, 2015. | By: Joshua Orr

What Is the 100-Day Project? It’s a celebration of process that encourages everyone to participate in 100 days of making. The great surrender is the process; showing up day after day is the goal. For the 100-Day Project, it’s not about fetishizing finished products—it’s about the process.

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Kinetic Sculpture at Rijksmuseum

Mar 27, 2015. | By: Joshua Orr

Shylights as they are called, were created by Studio Drift, were inspired by flowers in nature which open and close for reason of defense or energy conservation.



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Hand Lettering of Ed, Edd, & Eddy

Mar 22, 2015. | By: Joshua Orr

#Hand Lettering of Ed, Edd, & Eddy


Cartoons of the past always seem to have a flare all their own.Each year new shows and series surface from the big networks; some acquired from a youtube series, such as Adventure Time, or FRED, some pulled from networks in other countries, or others that are generated within a network studio. I’m talking about shows like Ed, Edd & Eddy, Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog and Dexter’s Laboratory which were all screened on Cartoon Network.

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Epic Illustrations of Our Presidents

Mar 20, 2015. | By: Joshua Orr

American illustrator Jason Heuser has created this series of epic presidential portraits. Each one is truly ridiculous, and yet completely amazing…you might even be convinced these things happened.

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Street Art

Mar 13, 2015. | By: Joshua Orr

While out wandering DUMBO today I came across this:


It’s always really awesome to come across this type of stuff. I once stumbled upon a series of pieces back in October or November.

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Awesome 3D Printed Prosthetic for 7-Year-old

Mar 12, 2015. | By: Joshua Orr

originally posted on

Back in July, Albert Manero created a 3D printed myoelectric prosthetic arm for a little boy named Alex. The story got so much better after that.

Read about it here


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Books with Nervous Systems, Sliding Glass houses, and Giant Ampersands

Mar 3, 2015. | By: Joshua Orr

##March has begun! Spring is in the air…or at least what I thought was spring. The skies are still producing white powder, and I’m not upset about it. Days like these recently mean I can open the shades and enjoy the sunlight in the dining room while watching the snow fall.

I also had time to poke around the internet for cool things.

#Books with Nervous Systems carved into them by Barbara Wildenboer

Barbara Wildenboer

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The beginning of something new

Jan 29, 2015. | By: Joshua Orr

About a month ago, I moved my site from being hand-built with HTML and CSS to Siteleaf.

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