Cheesus Crust

Cheesus Crust is a pizza shop concept that focuses on the quality of their product over menu extras and add-ons.

While working a busy night a Pizza Hut a couple of years ago, there was a conversation had, in jest, over the management of our restaurant and what opening a competitor restaurant would be like. We had tossed around a few different names, all very pun-filled, and had a good laugh about this fictional pizza parlor. This one wasn’t easily forgotten. Filled with ideas and ambition, I set out to give this idealized restaurant character, personality, and voice.

##Logo logo *** ##Primary and Secondary Colors Primary + Secondary Colors

The colors are inspired by that hot-n-fresh out the oven pizza you’d find at local pizza shops around the city. *** ##Brand Applications Take-out Menu

Take-out Menu

Pizza Box

Pizza Box

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Project Details

Date: Feb 25, 2015

Author: Joshua Orr

Categories: web design

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Cheesus Crust


Joshua Orr is a book artist, printmaker, papermaker, sometimes designer and accidental illustrator.

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